Frequently Asked Questions

A guided group tour is when a group of people travel together on a preplanned itinerary of transportation, hotel, some meals, and activities. With Pro Tours that often means that a Tour Director accompanies the group as well. A group tour can be a bus tour or a fly-in and bus tour combination.

It is different from independent travel because a tour operator is planning your trip for you. You don’t have to worry about booking hotels, paying each supplier, searching for the best activities, or sometimes even where to eat! The most stressful thing you must do is book your trip, pack, and show up the morning of your trip.

Yes and here are a few of our favorites

  • Built-in Camaraderie and Social Connections
  • Expert Guidance and Local Insights
  • Stress free planning – book it and go
  • Safety and Security – safety in numbers

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For trips to Canada and the United States, our group sizes can vary from 25-50 people. It is unlikely you will have less than 25 or more than 50 passengers.

While they vary, our European tours are typically between 25 – 40 people. It is unlikely that your trip to Europe will be less than 25 people

We recommend booking a tour as soon as you are interested in that specific tour. We have many tours that sell out early year after year. It is never too early to reserve a tour but it can be too late. Tour booking cut offs can vary from 30 days to 60 days, so waiting until the last minute is not a possibility.

To guarantee a tour, we must reach minimum numbers of passengers before the date that Pro Tours is required to cancel accommodations and/or attractions without penalty. This can vary anywhere from 30 days to 90 days prior to departure. If we don’t receive the minimum number of passengers required by that date the trip will be canceled. Waiting to book your spot until the trip is guaranteed can contribute to a tour being canceled.

Most deposits are refundable prior to the final payment date, which, will vary from tour to tour and is listed on the tour information. The deposit will become non-refundable only if you do not cancel prior to the date listed as the final payment on the specific tour. Some tours may require other non-refundable deposits, but these will be outlined on the tour information and at time of booking. These usually involve flights, event tickets, cruise deposits etc.

If you are traveling by yourself, the costs of hotel accommodations are incurred by one person instead of two. Therefore, single accommodations cost more than “double” and “triple” packages, as they are not divided by 2 or 3 people.

As a single traveler, you are still only paying for 1 seat on the coach, therefore you may have someone seated beside you on the coach. You will be required to rotate window and aisle seats throughout the tour.

We assign seats for customers on the bus from front to back as they book on the tour.

On most tours longer than 4 days, the tour director will do seat rotation allowing for a change of viewing from the other side of the bus and from a different position on the bus.

Our motor coaches generally have 52 seats and are deluxe motorcoaches. All coaches of that size have washrooms, reclining seats, overhead lights, air vents, and televisions. We do not own the motor coaches so we are never sure on the exact model that you will be riding on until days prior to the trip. Common amenities that may be on your coach are cup holders, foot rests, pouches in the seats, electricity plugs and Wi-Fi (Canadian portions of trips only)