Our Story

Our Story

Meet Bryon and Shawna, the duo behind Pro Tours (previously known and operated as Promotion Tours) –  an incredible journey filled with entrepreneurship, exploration, and endless adventures. Their story is a testament to their love for travel, and their unwavering dedication to creating memorable experiences for their customers.

As parents to three amazing children who have now grown into remarkable individuals, Bryon and Shawna have always cherished family values and the importance of creating lasting memories. They believe that life’s greatest treasures are found in the moments spent together, exploring new places, embracing diverse cultures, and immersing themselves in captivating events.

Bryon and Shawna have always been entrepreneurs at heart, with an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity, paving their way through various successful oilfield businesses. However, in 2012, they made a bold decision to bid farewell to the familiar “patch” and set out on a new chapter of their lives. Their entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for new experiences led them on an exhilarating path filled with boundless possibilities.

In 2014 an opportunity arose to combine their enthusiasm for travel and entrepreneurial spirit and inspired them to share their love for exploration with others. With previous experience in sports travel management, Bryon considered the step of acquiring a locally – -owned, loved, and thriving guided group tour company as a natural progression. Though the learning curve was steep, previous business experience and hands-on hard work and planning has enabled this locally family-owned tour company to thrive and continue to expand its customer reach and travel opportunities.

Bryon and Shawna understand the challenges and complexities that come with planning a seamless vacation, and that’s why they’ve dedicated themselves to crafting meticulously curated tours and itineraries. Their goal is simple: to create miles of smiles on the faces of their customers. They want each person to experience the joy of discovering new sights, embracing new cultures, and creating memories and new friendships that will last a lifetime.