4 Reasons to Make the Dakotas Your Summer Getaway

This summer, why not embark on an adventure that embraces the American spirit? Whether you’re after the quiet allure of less crowded attractions or seeking to immerse yourself in the stirring narratives of the Old West, it’s all there waiting for you in a summer getaway in the Dakotas

Imagine dramatic landscapes, sweeping prairies, rugged badlands, and much more. Here are 4 compelling reasons why a visit to the Dakotas should be on your itinerary this summer.

Iconic National Landmarks and Natural Beauty

When you set out for the Dakotas during summer, you’re in for a visual feast with iconic national landmarks and unmatched natural beauty. Picture yourself standing before Mount Rushmore, where the 60-foot faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln gaze out over the landscape. 

Nearby, the still-in-progress Crazy Horse Memorial honuors the heritage and history of the Native American peoples of South Dakota, promising to be as breathtaking as its more famous counterpart. Imagine a giant mountain carving immortalizing the famed Oglala Lakota warrior, Crazy Horse—this will be a view unlike any other.

Rich Historical and Cultural Experiences

When visiting the Dakotas in the summer, you’re walking on grounds steeped in history and culture. Perhaps the most compelling is the legendary town of Deadwood. Transport yourself back to the Gold Rush era, where figures like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane became icons of the Wild West. Saunter through the streets where legends once roamed.

The summer evenings come alive with the Medora Musical, an open-air ode to the American spirit. This performance, set in the stirring landscape of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, captures the region’s history through song and dance. It’s a cultural gem that pairs the park’s natural beauty with a display of local talent and history.

Unique Attractions and Activities

Imagine cruising down the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota, where you’re greeted by towering metal sculptures, including an astonishing 60-foot tall grasshopper and the immense ‘Geese in Flight.’ It’s a drive like no other, where art meets the open road.

In South Dakota, the laws of physics and perspective get delightfully skewed at the Cosmos Mystery Area in Rapid City. Prepare to have your mind twisted as much as your sense of balance in this captivating funhouse.

If you’re a fan of the curious and the whimsical, the Porter Sculpture Park lays out a green carpet to an outdoor gallery of over 50 massive, quirky sculptures that transform the prairie into a canvas of imagination.

Pro Tour Summer Experience in the Dakotas

Experience the American West like never before with a Pro Tours summer adventure through the Dakotas. From unique geological formations to iconic symbols of America’s history, this trip packs in an abundance of breathtaking sights. 

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So, if you’re yearning for an unforgettable summer journey, our Summer in the Dakotas adventure is the perfect opportunity to embrace the wild spirit of the American West. Don’t just take our word for it—get out there and feel the magic for yourself!